Our Purpose

Our founder, Dr. Halff, had a deep commitment to innovation in engineering—not to gain fame or monetary reward, but to better serve the public. He had an abiding faith in and love of people. He expressed that love in his work, his friendships and his boundless commitment to help others.

Our Purpose image of Halff's Austin office weaing blue to celebrate flood awareness week

“We improve lives and communities by turning ideas into reality.”

Everyone at Halff—those who have been here for more than 40 years and those who started last week—have a shared vision and a shared purpose on which our company was founded. Today, they represent our purpose statement: We improve lives and communities by turning ideas into reality.

We improve the lives of people in our local communities, both in the work we do and through the Halff Community Initiative. We improve the lives of our own people by providing challenging and rewarding career opportunities.

We improve communities through every service we offer. We design safe roads, highways and bridges. We develop better water, sanitary sewer and storm drain systems. We help prevent flooding. We create beautiful cities and parks. We improve our environment. We facilitate the flow of energy. And so much more. At Halff, we visualize the future.

We turn ideas into reality. We solve our clients’ problems by being creative in our thoughts and designs. The finished product is something our people can point to and be proud of by saying, “I helped do that.”

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